At CrossFit Triple City, we believe there is a close connection between how a person thinks, eats, moves, and feels. We believe the most effective way to become our best selves is by addressing the entire person: mind, body, spirit. We aim to serve our clients holistically. Just as it benefits us to improve our physical strength, it also benefits us to strengthen our nutritional foundation, mind and spirit. We believe they are all inextricably linked.


We prescribe to the CrossFit philosophy, which states that in order to achieve optimal levels of fitness, we need movements that are functional, constantly varied, and performed at high intensity. All WODs can be scaled to fit the body type, level of ability, and goals of each person. This is unique for each person, so we take the time to know the starting point of each of our members – whether that be novice or competitor. We combine metabolic conditioning, gymnastics movements, and weight lifting to give you better strength, endurance, and capacity than you have ever experienced before! We also offer Boot Camp classes that use Interval Training to help you achieve greater strength and endurance.

At CrossFit Triple City, you will get results – not only in your physical capacity, but also joy in life, resilience, mental fortitude, and emotional stability. Whether or not you want to be the fittest person on earth, we want you to access the best your body can provide!
We also provide WODs for teens and kids so we can start fostering a love of physical fitness at a young age.


Want to know why we love CrossFit? This video explains it well:

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely.



We recognize that personal growth is a process. There will be ebbs and flows, just as there are in nature. Much like a musician practices an instrument, or a doctor practices medicine, we practice the art of personal development. We meet you where you currently are, and then encourage you to stretch beyond what you already know.

There are many times we need to reflect, recharge, and return to center. Often it doesn’t happen unless it’s scheduled. To that end, periodically we offer yoga classes to foster centering, serenity and gratitude. Other offerings include groups focusing on personal development, nutrition seminars, and workshops regarding personal care products – all designed to give you a better understanding of your overall health within a holistic approach to wellness. Check out our Programs and Rates and our weekly schedule for more information.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
– Maria Robinson



At CrossFit Triple City, we want to help you determine your limiting factors so that you are able to push past them! As Icarus explained, all limits are self-imposed. While there are several limiting factors, nutrition has been proven over and over to be THE number one reason people either succeed with their fitness goals – or don’t! It is also the foundation for fitness, and is usually the difference between good athletic skill and great athletic ability.

We also know that our diets are regulated by our thoughts! At CrossFit Triple City, we offer nutritional tips, suggestions, and education. We are happy to provide nutritional suggestions and plans based on your unique goals. Since each body is distinct, we typically recommend an initial plan that incorporates wholesome food choices that foster goodness on all levels, as well as assistance in identifying your unique food sensitivities. Later, you can tailor nutrition coaching to suit your needs and desires.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker